No Wrong Answers – creativity belongs to everyone

Hello and welcome to the very first post on the brand new No Wrong Answers blog.

You might know me as the guy who talks about Sabre Tooth Panda a lot. Which I should since that’s how I earn my living.You might, therefore, be wondering what this No Wrong Answers thing is about.

As this is my inaugural post it seems appropriate that I should explain here what No Wrong Answers is and why it’s different from but intimately connected with Sabre Tooth Panda.

Sabre Tooth Panda is, as mentioned above, how I earn my living. I offer creativity coaching, consultancy and collaboration to my clients. That means I help them in three ways.

Coaching works on individuals and teams with a focus on the habits, beliefs and attitudes that either help or hinder creativity. Coaching allows me to directly influence the way people approach creativity in their working lives.

Consultancy is about the business and the structures within it; here I help companies seeking to build an environment that is supportive of creativity. The consultancy supports the coaching, shaping an environment that reinforces the newfound creative beliefs that coaching instills.

Collaboration is my most hands on offering and, as the name suggests, allows me to work directly with my clients providing support, guidance and creative input to a real life project. Sometimes clients, big and small, want to go on a journey and they don’t want to go alone. Here I act as a sort of creativity sherpa, carrying some of the load, providing reassurance and guidance. In many ways creative collaboration  combines the best of coaching and consultancy as it allows new ways of working and new structures to emerge naturally from a real world, shared experience.

No Wrong Answers is the other side of my creativity coin; where Sabre Tooth Panda is a set of one-to-one relationships with my clients, No Wrong Answers seeks to create a community, spread a message and make the whole world a little more creative.

And, like Sabre Tooth Panda, No Wrong Answers has three parts.

No Wrong Answers: the quiz 

This is how it started for me. Before Sabre Tooth Panda even existed I started a pub quiz for creativity called No Wrong Answers. The aim? To spread the message that creativity is fun and that you can do it. Interested? Join the Meetup!

No Wrong Answers: the podcast

Currently in development, the podcast continues where the quiz leaves off, opening up and demystifying the creative process. I’ll be interviewing creative people, whether they work in what we narrowly define as the “creative industries” or not, to find out how they approach creativity and to shine a light on the reality of creative work. I’ll also be talking about and sharing some of the best stuff that happens at the No Wrong Answers quiz and progress on some of the work that Sabre Tooth Panda is into.

No Wrong Answers: the blog

I love to write and it is my oft stated ambition to write a book. But since writing a great book is a daunting task I’ll begin by writing this blog. In fact, I already blog constantly on LinkedIn and it feels rather silly not to own my platform so this blog will be my personal notebook where I will share, as openly as I am able, everything I am learning about creativity in the workplace, as well as my views on the sorts of issues I come across in my work.

So that is No Wrong Answers, a the community and communication side of my work, more playful perhaps, certainly more open, and an opportunity for me to spread the message that creativity belong to everyone.

Thank you for joining me.


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