Today is my birthday 

So that means I get to write about whatever I want. Like, well, like I do every day. Except today I get cards too. 

You may notice that No Wrong Answers now has a mascot/logo up at the top of the page. That is what I call Promethues in a Beret. Which is literally what it is. But more than that it’s the start of a distinctive visual identity for No Wrong Answers which should set it apart from Sabre Tooth Panda – the b2b side of my business. 

When STP first got started I had a concept for how it might look which borrowed heavily from the punk scene, pop art, fanzines and other art styles and designs that spoke of reclaiming and levelling creativity. I wanted to use collage, to scribble and paint over things, and use found objects. But, in the end, this felt a little too busy, too difficult to apply in a business context. How would that work when I was asked to place my logo next to someone else’s on a T-shirt? How would it work in a report or invoice?  That’s why we ended up going for the clean, geometric look of the Sabre Tooth Panda logo, the simple black, white and red. 

But I didn’t forget that initial concept and now that No Wrong Answers is a more complete brand I can revisit it here. My Prometheus in a Beret image is both a found object and something I’ve virtually inked over. It looks a little Andy Warhol to me. As I develop No Wrong Answers I’ll add to this visual identity but even more than that I’ll be able to open up the visuals to others in a collaborative way. When I run a quiz I will ask people to doodle so I can make a collage of doodles. When I do a podcast I’ll take quotes and asides and turn them into decoration for the site. 

Where Sabre Tooth Panda requires consistency and cleanness to enable me to communicate with businesses, No Wrong Answers needs something more anarchic, something messier. My new logo is the start of that concept. 

Finally, a reminder to anyone who doesn’t yet know – the next Hypothetical Pub Quiz takes place on the 30th of this month starting at 6pm at the Horse and Groom in Shoreditch. Go to and join the Meetup to get all the up to date details. 


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