I Joined Patreon

I want No Wrong Answers to be all about the creativity and while it is tangentially connected to my day job, Sabre Tooth Panda, I’m not so well established yet that I can put a lot of money into No Wrong Answers without it becoming a big, heavy drain on my resources.

Patreon is a platform where you can support people who create things you like. Under the No Wrong Answers umbrella I create a blog, a pub quiz and a podcast, all of which aim to make the world a more creative place. I think that’s something that people might want to support so now, if they do, I am giving them that option.

I have no major expectation. I’m not expecting to be inundated with patrons overnight. But I do hope that, in time, I will bring in enough money through Patreon to make No Wrong Answers a more professional, more polished product. There’s a lot of ways I can make the world more creative under the No Wrong Answers banner. With the help of my patrons I can do so much more.

If you want to sign up to support No Wrong Answers; the quiz, the podcast and the blog, then go here:


Tell your friends. Tell strangers. Tell that guy standing behind you!

… did I make you look?


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