The Hypothetical Pub Quiz is tonight!

Honestly, I could just leave this link here but I believe in “adding value” so once you’ve been and signed up to play you can come back and read this.

No Wrong Answers – the quiz for people who don’t know what they don’t know

Wednesday, Sep 30, 2015, 6:00 PM

The Horse and Groom
28 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3NZ London, GB

12 Players Went

Hi, hello and howdy,The next No Wrong Answers will take place on the 30th of September which is a Wednesday. I’m sorting out a venue at the moment and I’ll update as soon as I have confirmation.Please tell you friends!Any questions, call me.Cheers,  Aran

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Joy, joy, joy. And specifically, geek joy. That’s what the Hypothetical Quiz is really all about. I realised this when I replied to a friend on the Facebook who was posting about her new iPhone. I am an Apple geek and I make no bones about it. A lot of people get angry at Apple geeks. They also get snobby about geeks in general. Those people are missing out.

Geekdom is about joy. My Facebook friend and I were enjoying a moment of geekjoy. An excessive, perhaps unreasonable, positive reaction to something. When I think about The Hypothetical Pub Quiz I realise that I get a great deal of geekjoy from that too.

I geek out about the games that we play. I geek out about the people and seeing them get all creative and childlike in their behaviours. But most of all I geek out about the ideas.

It’s rare to hear new ideas. Life doesn’t often give that to us. Being wrong comes at too high a cost so many remain conservative in their thinking. They stick close to the tried and true. We both overestimate the threat of the new and underestimate our ability to be creative. We play small.

The HPQ is all about overturning this reality. At the HPQ you play big. The only way to lose is to play safe. The only risk is not taking risks. Failure isn’t a concept that we recognise or have time for because the only way to fail is to not try.

So if you could do with some of this liberation. If you want to enjoy the geekjoy of creativity in the purest form, come to the quiz and geek out with me. You might even end up in my podcast!


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