The Hardest Part

My job is simple.

  1. I talk with people about what I do to see if they want me to do what I do for them
  2. I read, listen to and watch stuff to help me get better at what I do
  3. I write and record stuff to help people understand what I do
  4. I go to places and work with people to help them be more creative

That’s it.

Every day I have to get up and do one or a combination of those things. These things are simple. They aren’t easy, but they are simple. The hardest part, however, is keeping them simple.

It’s very easy to overcomplicate things. I’ve been spending some time lately thinking about why that is; what is the tendency to overcomplicate stuff based on? I believe it may be a combination of two compounding factors.

We refuse to believe that life can be simple.

This is one I’m fairly fond of. We are surrounded by complexity but when we strip back that complexity a lot of it is fluff. Consider diets – the simple directives to eat mostly fruits and vegetables, avoid anything too processed and stop eating when we are full are enough for almost all of us yet we seem hard wired to look for something more satisfyingly arcane.

We want to get out of doing the hardest part.

Eating healthily every day by applying some simple rules takes discipline and hard work. We can avoid this by seeking out more and more complex ways to do something simple.

My job is simple. My work is hard. I can’t help but feel that if I look hard enough I can make my job complicated and my work easy. Every day is a battle to overcome that compulsion.



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