The Sabre Tooth Panda Curriculum

I’ve started to compile a curriculum of sorts, a reading list, a set of topic areas, everything you’d need to learn about if you wanted to follow in my footsteps and apply the Sabre Tooth Panda approach to enhancing creativity. The reasons for this are fairly obvious.

Partly it’s for my own personal development. I am by no means the finished article. By compiling what I’ve learned and what I am learning still I can place my own development within a context. It helps me to spot gaps in my knowledge, new areas for expansion, so on.

Further it’s my hope that other fellow travellers might help me to add depth and breadth to my curriculum. It’s, in a way, an Open Source learning project. Others can add to it, fork it, do what they wish. Either way value is added.

But probably the most important reason is symbolic. I made a decision when I started Sabre Tooth Panda that I didn’t want to make money by producing and selling IP. I don’t want to rifle through the learning of others, rebrand it, repackage it and paywall it. I want to make my money applying what I know and what I am. By placing the complete works of my learning in the public domain I’m setting out my stall. You can, if you wish, read and listen and watch all the stuff I’ve read and listened and watched. You can have the same conversations, within reason, do the same work and same thinking, and then apply it yourself. You needn’t pay me for what’s in my head. What’s in my head is free.

It is my firm belief that this gesture will be recognised as a strong, authentic stance. I may be giving away some opportunities to make money but by the same token I may find other, better ways to make the world a better place. What’s more, I’m shaking off the baggage that comes with trying to protect IP. Not only does the protection of IP place me in the role of obstacle to the free movement of information but it requires that every time I do something waste energy seeking out ways to obscure my sources and confound my audience. This is a drain on my resources and puts me at odds with those I wish to help.

So please look out for the Sabre Tooth Panda Curriculum or whatever I end up calling it. I’ll begin with a structure and brief reading list some time soon. Over time I’ll expand on this.

I’ve no desire to hide anything. I tend to blog and soon I’ll podcast pretty much any insight I have. Perhaps over time I might even go so far as to run a course or two teaching the Sabre Tooth Panda methodology. Why not? If people want to follow my path then I should help them where I can. But for now the least I can do is show them my map.


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