366 Days

My wife reminded me this morning that it has been exactly 366 Days since I started working full time on Sabre Tooth Panda. 366 days, in this case, is a full year because the year I took my leap was also a year that included a Leap Day (29 February 2016).

During that time a lot has changed but one thing remains the same, working for yourself is weird. Very early on I wrote this:

> It’s a lot like being a full time student. You work odd hours, constantly feel like you should be doing more, everyone assumes you’re not working at all and there’s a constant fear of failure punctuated by occasional wins that keep you going. But unlike being a student those wins aren’t predictable like passing an exam or acing an essay. They either come about through insane persistence or pop out of nowhere like gifts!
> It’s very odd when you realise that your most successful days might be the days you feel like you’ve done nothing!

It’s rare that I look back on something I’ve written months ago, having had so much more experience in the intervening time, and still agree with every word.