It’s Showtime!

I have some news to share today that I’ve been waiting to tell you about for weeks and weeks! So here it is:

Sabre Tooth Panda has agreed a partnership deal with Trestle Theatre Company to provide training and workshops based on a range of theatre, performance and arts skills.

From their own website:

Trestle is a mask and physical theatre company, with a highly regarded arts education programme. As a charity, our mission is to engage children, young people and adults in creative activity, which aims to enhance the cultural quality of their experiences.

Trestle has been making innovative and inspirational physical theatre and participation projects since 1981. All of our work is influenced by full and half mask; however, over the past decade, collaborations with artists from India, Spain, Eastern Europe and Africa, along with our partners in the UK, have inspired the evolution of the work we create.

Trestle is one of the leading providers of school workshops, teacher training and participation programmes in the country. We run mask, half mask, physical theatre and bespoke workshops, projects and residencies nationally and internationally.

You can see why I so badly wanted to work with them; not only does their mission perfectly fit that of Sabre Tooth Panda – to make the world a more creative place – but the richness of their experience and skills offers my clients a huge range of new and exciting ways to apply the Hard Not Complicated approach to their own creative journeys.

Over the next few days I will be adding details of how this partnership will work to my website and offering some more information about exactly what sort of services we will be offering, but to get your imagination working, I offer the following…

As you know, the Hard Not Complicated approach is all about instant change, gradually. My clients build strong relationships with creativity by understanding what creativity really means to them in their world, identifying self limiting beliefs or unhelpful behaviours, and then working to change those through games, exercises, coaching and facilitated workshops.

Now consider how 35 years of theatre experience can help with that process.

How might improvisation and puppetry workshops break down the barriers to communication and self knowledge? What about clowning as a way to make playfulness a normal part of your process? Could the use of masks release you to adopt new personas and, thus, find new insights? Or might collaborative storytelling help your team finally understand what it is they are really here to achieve?

These concepts have always been at the heart of what Sabre Tooth Panda does. But now, with the help of my new friends at Trestle, I can take these ideas to the next level.

If you’re interested in learning more, now is the time to get in touch at