The Power of the Delete Key

This post was a lot longer about thirty second ago. Then I deleted basically the whole thing to start over again. Why? Because I practice what I damn well preach!

So, let’s cut to the chase: sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards. Writing is a great way to learn this but the lesson is universal. If you’re stuck there’s a good chance the path lies behind you and you’ve taken a wrong turn.


I could go on about the sunk cost fallacy and the endowment effect but I won’t. For all you know I did but deleted it (love that delete key). Instead I’ll offer a template macro (in this context I mean macro as in a single instruction that expands into more instructions – a computing term that I like to deploy because it makes me sound smarter than I am).

Trigger: stuck

Action: retrace steps

If recent steps are questionable…

Go backwards until more options open up

Reward: unstuck!

Need fulfilled: the future is bright again, the birds are singing and the grass is very green.