This is how we do it

This is how we do it
This is how we do it

I think, at last, I’ve done it. OK. So it’s still just a basic pen sketch but this, after well over a year of trying, is a pretty damn good visual representation of the Hard Not Complicated method from Sabre Tooth Panda.

This weekend I was distracted a little by constant thoughts about mindfulness. Irony aside, it wasn’t clear to me exactly why this was. I’ve been meditating lately, no more or less than usual. I’ve not been reading much about it or talking to anyone. I don’t know why my mind was on my mind.

On Sunday evening, during a walk in the local park, I struck up a conversation with my wife about this feeling of distraction. I think, by that point, I’d realised that it was telling me something. I was stuck thinking about this because there was a thread I needed to keep pulling. I told my wife that I feel like I need to emphasise mindfulness more as an element of my process which lead us to discussing how we might showcase that visually.

That’s when Ladina suggested the Loop-de-Loop. With awareness, mindfulness, running from start to end, with practice, application and moments of change all driven by and part of a consistent state of awareness, suddenly the visualisation made sense!

When visualising a process it’s hard to show continuation at the same time as showing phases. It’s easy to make it seem as if there is a hard stop at the intersection between stage x and stage y. By creating a loop that twists around and intersects with itself we have finally found an image that clearly shows both clear stages and continuity.

And, in a fun sort of way, this breakthrough came as a result of applying the method I champion.

Distraction is a state in which many of us live every day. But we’re rarely aware of it. Being distracted, as I was this weekend, but aware of that distraction, was an element of my practice of mindfulness. I was able to ask why I was distracted, able to feel it and interact with it, because I practice what I preach.

Awareness leads to insight. Insight leads to a change in behaviour. A change in behaviour leads to a change in ability and reinforces new awareness and new insights.

By practicing mindfulness I achieved an insight which I was able to use. In a sense I simply allowed this solution to come to me by being ready to see it when it was ready to be seen. And by practicing drawing every day, as I have been, I was better able to think in visual terms and to render what I was thinking. This let me solve a problem that I have been stuck on for a long time.

The system works people. Use the system! And you can find out how here.