Hard Not Complicated Tips

A new thing I'm trying out is to have a weekly theme for my communications and split my Monday, Wednesday and Friday communications to address that theme in different ways.

On Monday I talked about how I'm using visualisation to set and stick to long term goals. Pop back and read it if you haven't yet.

Today I want to offer some quick tips on how to do this better.

One: Make it emotional

Visualisations work by stimulating us emotionally. If we want data to back up logical decision making we don't need a visualisation, we need a spreadsheet and a bunch of charts. A strong visualisation needs to be an emotional kick in the arse.

Pro-emotional tip – emotions exist in the body, not just the brain. Maybe that's why we call them "feelings"? If a visualisation doesn't make you feel something physically then it's not emotional enough. Use embodied emotions meditation techniques to tune your ability to feel emotions in your body and ensure your visualisations are powerful enough to stimulate them.

Two: Keep it simple

A picture paints a thousand words so you don't need anything complicated. A great visualisation needs to be at your fingertips, mentally speaking, and ready to go in a moment. If it takes you hours to survey your scene then you won't use it often enough to be helpful.

If your goal doesn't lend itself to simple visualisation in a literal way, consider metaphor and the use of personas. Imagine yourself as a King or Queen, see yourself standing on the moon. The picture can have meanings that are figurative which allows you to pack even more meaning and emotional punch into something you can bring to mind in moments.

Three: If it isn't working, change it

Sometimes a visualisation seems wonderful at first but if you find it stops working over time it may be that your goals have moved on or your emotional triggers have changed. Maybe the visualisation was more powerful for its novelty than anything else.

Don't be afraid, in these circumstances, to change what you use. Try, first, tweaking one or two elements. See if this makes the visualisation more or less powerful. If you change too many things at once it will be harder to know what is and isn't helping.

On Friday I'll be sending out my weekly newsletter which will link back to this and Monday's blog as well as offering extra tidbits, news about what Sabre Tooth Panda is up to and more. If you'd like to find out more about being creative the Hard Not Complicated way, go to http://www.sabretoothpanda.com/contactus to sign up for our newsletter and get a free thirty minute consultation.


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